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Hey fellow reader, will not bother you with my recommendations. I will just talk about what I've done in Antep.



After a tiring bus trip to Antep (10 hours from Ankara), I ate my first breakfast with a friend of mine. We went to Dürümcü Recep Usta.

Then we head to the Centrum. Neue stadt. But I felt so drained so we went to eat soguk baklava and take some rest. Çelebioğulları is the best he said, so we decided to go.

Kaleoglu Magarasi

We head to the Centrum again and we found a secret inn, Kaleoglu Magarasi, which was actually a cave but they have converted it to a cafe!

While going a while towards Bakırcılar Çarşısı, I've took some photos.

I didn't want to continue visiting anymore and I was hungry as hell! We had our dinner at Ciğerci Mustafa Kemal.


Day2 coming soon.

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